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Naturally Safe Sleep
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spine aligned on mattress
zero gravity
Visit the Sleep Shop to select a Mattress made from products such as:
Natural Rubber Latex ~ Wool ~ Organic Cotton ~ Eucalyptus ~ Bamboo ~ Silk  
Our organic and environmentally friendly selections:
Suite Sleep,Savvy Rest, Royal-Pedic, Reverie, Magniflex, Keetsa and Bed in a Box
You and your family can breathe easily while you enjoy healthy sleep!
organic wool
wool mattress
natural rubber latex
latex mattress
latex mattresses
organic cotton
organic cotton
soy foam
soy memory foam
memory foam
Natural Rubber Latex
Essential Oils
Organic Cotton
Adjustable Bases from Softide, Reverie and Pragma
Zero Gravity = the Optimal Way to Sleep
Add an ADJUSTABLE BASE  to your choice of mattress...
Natural Rubber Latex, Plant-Based Foam or Plant-Based Memory Foam with or without coils.
Many Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Gardnerville and the Tahoe Basin residents already enjoy Naturally Safe Sleep
from the Sleep Shop! Whether you start with a pillow or an entire sleep set you can rest assured that freedom from toxic flame
retardant and the natural components that our manufacturers use can enhance natural sleep cycles.
Here at the Sleep Shop we're pleased to offer Everyday Low Prices   We've chosen not to inflate our pricing in order to run "sales"
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