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Naturally Safe Sleep
7485 Longley Lane Reno NV 89511       10:30-6 Mon-Fri      10:30-5 Sat         11-5 Sun
What we believe
We believe that you and your family deserve Comfort, Support and Value  when you select your new sleep system
We believe that sleeping on products made with organic and/or environmentally friendly components can enhance
natural sleep cycles
We believe that you work hard and deserve great value for the money you spend
We believe your children are just as important as is our grandson and can expect the same quality that we demand for him
We believe that when we replace household items, or help you replace mattresses or bedding, why not find less
toxic alternatives?
Who we are
the Sleep Shop
Naturally Safe Beds,
organicmattress, natural
rubber latex nmattress,
memory foam mattress,
green mattress
the Sleep Shop is family owned and operated by David and Karen Woods.
David has decades of wholesale, retail and marketing experience and
Karen brings 30 years of retail mattress expertise.
After 4 decades of marriage, we agree on at least one thing...
"Naturally Safe Sleep" is the healthy  way to renew and refresh!
About our business
the Sleep Shop
Longley Lane Reno NV
organic mattresses
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sleep shop reno
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When we opened our store 7 years ago, we had typical, traditional brands in our showroom.
As we assessed products and components, we decided to leave the mainstream
mattress lines to others and concentrate on organic and environmentally friendly offerings.
Hence, our showroom has a very different look, feel and smell (yes, smell!) than most
mattress stores. the Sleep Shop lacks the eye-burning, nose-itching chemicals that are
known to be present in many mattress brands. Enjoy the healthy alternatives that
give great comfort, support and value! We believe in healthy products for you and yours!
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