Naturally Safe Sleep
Sleeping on the Stretching Machine:   Magnistretch by Magniflex
Water Expanded Plant-based Foam

The Magni 12 mattress - part of the Classico
collection - offers a luxurious medium night's sleep
at a price that defies its luxury.
6 layers of padding & fiber:
Elioform layer for firm spinal support
Eliosoft layer for medium spinal support
First memofoam layer
Hypoallergenic and breathable quilted foam layer for
plush comfort 2nd memofoam layer of padding for
resiliency Soft, absorbent, and anti-static viscose
cover Each mattress offers the highest eco-friendly
standards backed by European certifications,
including an Oeko Tex certification, which
acknowledges the absence of substances which are
toxic or harmful to humans and the environment.
Magniflex offers a 20-year limited warranty on all of
their mattresses Made in Italy since 1964 (Tuscany to
be exact)
Diamante 14

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The Magniflex Magnistretch 12 Mattress is Magniflex’s newest mattress with the latest in alignment
technology. Offering a medium, medium-soft feel, the Stretch 12 is firmer than the Stretch 10 and it is
the mattress that works while you sleep!
The Magnistretch series reduces back and neck pain, revitalizes discs during sleep due to an improved
blood flow, and stretches and decompresses the spinal column.
How it works?
The inclined sections in the mattress core generate a stretching movement as a response to your body

Product Specifics
Quilted hypoallergenic natural viscose and Outlast cover, made in Italy.
12″ profile breathable foam mattress includes:
1.5″ Memoform Magnifoam
0.5″ super soft fibre
2″ Eliosoft foam with patented Stretch technology
4.5″ Eliosoft foam with patented Stretch technology
4.5″ Elioform firm support foam
The entire mattress core and cover have achieved Oeko-Tex® Standard 100
100% Breathable foam technology
Vacuum packed to reduce their carbon footprint

Magni 12
Dual Cotton Grande 12
Mattress Diamante 14 is the part of Supremo collection from
Magniflex.The Supremo collection is an elegant and sophisticated
edition created for those who are uncompromising in their search
for maximum relaxation. All models are accurately studied down to
the tiniest detail and their linear refinement is flanked by the
exclusive properties of the materials and fabrics with
which they are manufactured.
Additional information: * 1/2" Cover in Natural Viscose & Outlast
* 1" Memoform (memory foam) * 1" Super Soft Fiber * 11/2"
Magnigel * 2" Memoform (memory foam) * 3" Eliosoft (soft
support foam) * 3" Elioform (firm support foam) * 2" Memoform
(memory foam)
Diamante 14 Dual Core