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White Lotus has specialized in making Natural and Organic mattresses for almost 30 years. This
company is committed to sustainability, green manufacturing, and bringing you the healthiest and
most comfortable futons, mattresses, pillows and bedding possible.  Offering you clean, renewable,
nontoxic, eco-friendly, organic and natural products to help you towards your goal of simple,
healthy living.
The Dreamton mattress from  White Lotus is handmade.  Components available:
organic cotton cover; wool flame retardant; green cotton*; 5", 7", or 9" depth.
Add wool pillows, organic cotton sheets and a comforter for the complete organic experience!
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Simply Natural. Supple & Responsive.

An iCoil™ mattress with all natural Latex layer.

◦The Core:  iCoils are independent coils that support every part of your body
with supple and responsive flex. Independent operation means less motion
transfer between sleep partners for better sleep.
◦The Latex Top: Natural latex layer accepts your body instantly, providing
firm and comfortable support. The latex quality is certified by ECO Institute.
The latex is naturally hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial and mildew and mold
◦The Cover:  Unbleached, 100% Organic Cotton cover quilted with wool
padding to keep the cover breathable and more comfortable.   
◦Fire Barrier:  An all natural wool padding creates a natural fire barrier. No
chemical FR agents are used on this mattress.
◦The Feel:  The dense and firm latex layer is supportive for back sleepers. For
a softer feel that side and stomach  want, simply add on the Latex Comfort
A Basic Organic at a Competitive Price
Suite Dreams 6" + 2" Mattress
Our Best-Selling Organic Mattress!
The most sought-after level of comfort  =   6" of medium latex plus 2" of soft latex
Now you can customize and replace the 6" layer with firm OR split the 6" layer
and have one side firm and one side medium!
It's up to you!
The Suite Vesta Pillow Top is an ultra
plush topper with 3" of all natural wool
and and a 1" latex core for stability.
This topper is 4" thick and the perfect
addition to any mattress.
The most luxurious topper we've found!
Savvy Baby
What makes ours the best crib mattress, bar none?
•All Savvy Rest quilting is free from cotton fiber. Cotton fiber attracts moisture and
compresses. With moisture
come allergy-triggering dust mites, mold, mildew and fungi. Instead of cheap cotton fiber, we
fill our quilting with
certified organic wool fiber.
•Wool is naturally repellent to dust mites. It also keeps the mattress’s inner environment dry,
so your baby sleeps
cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
•Dust mites also cannot live in latex, which is the core of every Savvy Rest mattress.We use a
5" core made of
firm natural latex, which is free of toxic chemicals that are believed harmful to babies’
developing brains.
•Latex is comfortable, supportive for growing bodies, and very durable.