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You deserve the Best!

Heritage Quality Mattresses
Tired of replacing your mattress every 3-7 years? 
The best solution is to invest in your long-term well-being..    
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When I saw this mattress~ topper combination at the Furniture Market, I knew it had to be on our floor.  The premium, hand-made craftmanship provides Heritage Quality Sleep.  I've seen brands similar to this that retail for over $30,000!  You'll be amazed at this level of quality and pleased at the competitive pricing.  

Try it at our store today!

the Sleep Diva

      Mattress Layers

1    FABRIC  100% Natural Viscose fabric.

2   NATURAL FIBERS   Natural fibers made of Cotton and Silk   6.74 "

3   COVER  Wool cover made of 100% Wool  1.32" 

4   HONEYCOMBED LATEX Layer of natural honeycombed Latex “              Max Quality”   6.74

5   POCKETED COIL SYSTEM Layer of Pocketed Coil System encased          individually in textile or cloth 

6   MOHAIR LAYER  Felt layer of Mohair adhered with latex.  6.74"

7   CASHMERE  Cashmere-Wool layer 6.74"

8   FABRIC  100% Natural Viscose fabric.

20 year Warranty

Heritage Quality for a lifetime of beautiful sleep!


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The "Symbiosis Topper" is composed of 8 Layers

It's the ideal hand-made complement to guarantee sleep, making it more pleasant, cozy and soft. The topper is completely hand stitched and will provide higher adaptability to Our body, decreasing the pressure point.

1    FABRIC   100% Natural Viscose fabric.

2   NATURAL FIBERS   Natural fibers made of Cotton and Silk 

3   HONEYCOMBED LATEX Layer of Natural honeycombed Latex 

4   POCKETED COIL SYSTEMLayer of Pocketed Coil System encased                    individual in textile or cloth sacks.

5   CASHMERE   Cashmere-Wool layer

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from $9063 to 14217

Other mattresses in this price range are typically 4 layers of petrochemical-based foam (including memory foam, "transition" foam and dense base foam) with polyester covers. These foams are known to off~gas and have an unpleasant odor. Even when the odor is no longer discernible, off~gassing continues for the life of the product, and actually intensifies as foams break down and emit even more toxins. Petrochemical foams are cheaper to manufacture, and with "proprietary" components, any toxicity is concealed from the buying public.  If you invest in an Heritage quality mattress, go with organic and trusted natural products.  Investing in your health has true benefit! 

the Sleep Diva

                         How much time do you spend in a car that costs $30,000 to $100,000 or more?

The national average is just 5.6 hours per week

                                           How much time do spend on your mattress? 

Sleeping, the weekly average is 49 hours. 

Time spent relaxing or being intimate on same mattress is 28 hours weekly.

                           How much did you spend on your mattress or, is it a hand me down mattress?  

Your well-being is worth more than what you have spent on a generic, poorly made or hand me down mattress

      Heritage quality sleep gives you more opportunity to enjoy healthy, renewing rest for more than a decade. Come take a look!

Lux by Naturalia      Heritage Quality Plant-based memory Foam

European quality ~ 50% plant-based foam.... Totally Oeko tex Certified

Traditional memory foams are known to have a life-span of 2-10 years... including the $3000 + models!

This specialty European memory foam is designed to stay comfortable and supportive for 9-22 years! 

Invest in your well-being today!

Lux Naturalia mattress.png


Cashmere / Cotton Stretch Fabric  Anti-mite / Anti-bedbug Treatment

2  COVER WITH ZIPPER  Cover with zipper for cleaning.
Allows to exchange the memory foams according to preference.

3  MEMORY FOAM  Soy-Based Memory Foam (~50% SOY) "Plus" comfort layer
A- Firm / B- Medium

4  THERMOFRESS 3D  Thermofress" Bamboo Fabric

5  MAXIPORE  Bio-Soy Maxipore support core  (~50% SOY)

6  THERMOREGULATION LAYER  Thermoregulation with:
- 3D Thermofress fabric
- 3D Bamboo Fabric

Our Luxury Visco-Soy based memory foam is the only “body-contouring” memory foam mattress made with natural, earth-friendly, “breathable” materials that can thermo-regulate and optimize temperature.
Their advanced design and technology provide the best possible support for your body, resulting in a longer and more restful sleep.

20 year

Heritage Quality for a lifetime of beautiful sleep!


The Sleep Shop Reno mattress.jpeg
the Sleep Shop Reno Airflex Mattress.png

Rest is Essential to a Life Well Lived

the Sleep Shop - Reno Airflex Mattress.jpg

It all started in San Francisco…

Originally developed by

Edward McRoskey,

Airflex mattresses were created to combine optimal back and body alignment with breathable materials to help you sleep cooler.

Mirrored Mattresses...  the same on both sides.. Flip and Rotate for Longevity

Available in Gentle or Firm Comfort

from $2499 to $6499

Quality craftsmanship, long-lasting comfort and a timeless design all united in harmony. A mattress as beautiful on the inside as it was on the outside. We started by focusing on our Supima cotton fabric, which we custom designed to be full of meaning. Its weave delivers a warmth and texture soothing to both the eye and hand. Staying true to original Airflex design, we then made sure that the “Self-Airing” brass air vents were strategically placed to circulate fresh air as you sleep. From there, every material, stitch, label, handle, quilting pattern, and tape edge has been uncompromisingly curated to evoke an overall natural, elemental tranquility.

Our mirrored mattress construction means both sides are carefully crafted with identical layers of support. This  “Comfort-Refreshing” double-sided design revitalizes the comfort and extends the life of your Airflex for years to come.

The Sleep Shop Reno mattress.jpeg

Available in Split Cal King

   7485 Longley Lane Reno, NV                     775 284 0399          

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