1497  Cherry and Chocolate           1581   Stonewash and White

The Murphy Cube

Solid Wood

Murphy Cabinet Bed cube
Murphy Cabinet Bed Cube
Murphy Cabinet Bed Cube
Dark Chocolate
Murphy Cabinet Bed Cube
Murphy Cabinet Bed Cube
Murphy Cabinet Bed Cube
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The Original Murphy Cabinet Bed  ~  the Clover

2197 Cherry ~ Chocolate       2247     White  

Poppy Murphy Cabinet (add drop down side tray for 110)

Available in White Bark ~ Brushed Driftwood ~ Blizzard ~  Skye


White Bark
Poppy Murphy Cabinet
Brushed Driftwood
Poppy Cabinet Bed
Poppy Murphy Cabinet
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The Poppy Cabinet Bed comes with a limited 10 year warranty.

The supplied mattress is covered by a limited 3 year warranty.

Poppy Murphy Cabinet Bed features include:

  • Comes complete with Folding Trays

  • Large Rolling Storage Drawer

  • Higher Sleep Platform

  • Built-in Dual Power/USB module

  • Solid Hardwood Construction

  • Shallow Sleep Enclosure

  • Base packed inside Fully Assembled Cabinet

  • Tri-Fold Premium Gel Memory Foam Queen Mattress

Sagebrush Murphy Cabinet Bed with drop down side tray

Available in Sagebrush and Chocolate



Black Walnut

Daisy Murphy Cabinet Bed (optional side tray  110 set of 2)

available in Buttercream and Black Walnut


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