Natural Rubber Latex with Organic Cotton cover and A LOT of wool for luxurious comfort and a natural flame retardant.  Available in Plush or Firm

This mattress contours on an adjustable base better than any other mattress we've seen.

the Savvy Rest Serenity is a three-layered Natural Rubber Latex mattress with a choice of comfort.

You can customize the mattress to your specific needs. 

Plush, Medium and Firm with everything in-between to provide an individual proper spinal alignment.  Great with an adjustable base!

Natural components in sleep products tend to be a lot more durable than blends and synthetics, so you’ll enjoy a longer mattress lifespan without wear-related support issues. Certain materials come with additional perks. Take organic and natural latex. This material is not only durable, but also incredibly breathable compared to mattress foam. Another example is wool used in mattress covers, which has natural cooling and moisture-wicking properties.

There are many reasons why you might choose an organic mattress. One is health. If you’re particularly sensitive or allergic to certain chemicals, buying an organic mattress may help narrow the field to include only mattresses that don’t irritate you. Additionally, organic mattresses have limited VOC emissions, which the Environmental Protection Agency has linked to negative health effects.

Churchill and Smith Natural

Dual encased mattress coils from hand-forged steel

Natural Rubber Latex/Wool

Organic Cotton Cover

Plush or Firm

Dual Cotton Grande from Magniflex

Organic Plant-based Foam.... no petrochemical

Dual Sided.... choose Medium Plush or Medium firm

Calla 14"    

from DreamCatcher

Natural Rubber Latex/Organic Cotton Cover

AscensionX pocketed Coils

Also available in a 10" Hybrid

14" Hybrid

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