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Sleep Organic

Natural components in sleep products tend to be a lot more durable than blends and synthetics, so you’ll enjoy a longer mattress lifespan without wear-related support issues. Certain materials come with additional perks. Take organic and natural latex. This material is not only durable, but also incredibly breathable compared to mattress foam. Another example is wool used in

mattress covers, which has natural cooling and moisture-wicking properties.

There are many reasons why you might choose an organic mattress. One is health. If you’re particularly sensitive or allergic to certain chemicals, buying an organic mattress may help narrow the field to include only mattresses that don’t irritate you. Additionally, organic mattresses have limited VOC emissions, which the Environmental Protection Agency

has linked to negative health effects.

Harvest Green Organic mattresses   Natural Rubber Latex, Wool, Organic Cotton
organic latex mattress from Harvest Green.

Holy Guacamole!!!

Our natural, GREENGUARD gold-certified mattresses are constructed using GOLS certified organic latex, GOTS organic certified wool, GOTS organic certified cotton,

and up to 1,089 pocketed posterized support coils.

Our construction eliminates the need for unnecessary chemical adhesives,

fire retardants or fiberglass.  Try it now at the Sleep Shop!

"Original"  Medium

from $1099

Harvest Green natural rubber  latex, wool, organic cotton

Green Pillowtop


from $1499

stirring natural latex.gif

mattress store Reno mattress store

latex mattress  mattress sale  mattress store Reno

Harvest Green Organic mattresses.. free shipping in the contiguous US
Harvest Green Organic mattress  organic cotton, natural rubber latex and wool



from $599

the Sleep Shop Mattresses.jpg
the Sleep Shop Mattresses Reno_edited.jpg

free shipping in the contiguous US

10 year full warranty/25 year prorated warranty

mattress store Reno pour latex.gif

Vegan Mattresses are also available!

Shikibuton (Shiki Futon) Available in 3" or 5" depth. 

Stack these shikibutons for more comfort.  Such a simple, yet classic way to sleep!


Traditional Folding Shiki Futon Mattress

Traditional shikibutons are made for layering on top of each other, on the floor or on a tatami bed. Shiki futons are made from layers of cotton and encased in a cotton twill fabric case. Our Japanese style Traditional Folding Shiki Futon Mattress include both and organic cotton fabric case and chemical free wool. The breathable and lightweight fibers allow for a deeper nights sleep as the wool repels moisture and regulates heat, for improved sleep. These wool and cotton shiki futon mattresses are designed to be rolled up and stored away when not in use. You can customize your comfort by layering two or more shikibutons on top of each other. This can provide a softer sleeping surface. This Natural Wool Shikibuton Mattress is perfect season to season. Find out for yourself how much better if feels to sleep on Wool! Available with an organic fabric or standard poly-cotton ticking.The mattress will compress in time, when you first get it it will be fluffy and soft.

Wool and Organic Cotton Shiki Futon Mattress

  • Wool and Cotton Shikibuton Mattress

  • 100% USDA Certified Cotton Fiber

  • American Grown Chemical Free Wool

  • 6-10 Year Life Expectancy

  • 25-45 Lbs. Of Firm Natural Support (Depending On Size)

organic shiki buton 3" or 5"
shiki buton 3" or 5" organic futon


from  $479 ~ 779


from $529 ~ 849

Shikibuton 3" or 5" shiki futons
3" or 5" organic shiki futon

Great for guests ~

Bring it out when you have company..

fold it up and store it when you don't!

the Sleep Shop Mattresses.jpg
the Sleep Shop Mattresses Reno_edited.jpg
natural rubber latex mattress made by Savvy Rest.  High quality and versatile
the Sleep Shop Mattresses.jpg
the Sleep Shop Mattresses Reno_edited.jpg
Savvy Rest latex mattress. Organic and certified
Savvy Rest natural rubber latex mattress

the Savvy Rest Serenity is a three-layered Natural Rubber Latex mattress with a choice of comfort.

You can customize the mattress to your specific needs. 

Plush, Medium and Firm with everything in-between to provide an individual proper spinal alignment. 

Great with an adjustable base!

from $1799

free shipping in the contiguous US

Latex layers may be exchanged for comfort.  Shipping fee

 Prive Mattress handmade in Spain  Luxury beyond measure

When I saw this mattress~ topper combination at the Furniture Market, I knew it had to be on our floor.  The premium, hand-made craftmanship provides Heritage quality sleep.  I've seen brands similar to this that retail for over $30,000!  You'll be amazed at this level of quality and pleased at the competitive pricing.  

Try it at our store today!

the Sleep Diva


 Prive Mattress When you deserve the best

EuroLux Living

the Sleep Shop Mattresses.jpg

20 year Warranty

Heritage Quality for a lifetime of beautiful sleep!

comparable brands ... $13,500 ~ $25,000

Prive   $6300 ~ 11875


      Mattress Layers

1    FABRIC  100% Natural Viscose fabric.

2   NATURAL FIBERS   Natural fibers made of Cotton and Silk   6.74 "

3   COVER  Wool cover made of 100% Wool  1.32" 

4   HONEYCOMBED LATEX Layer of natural honeycombed Latex “              Max Quality”   6.74

5   POCKETED COIL SYSTEM Layer of Pocketed Coil System encased          individually in textile or cloth 

6   MOHAIR LAYER  Felt layer of Mohair adhered with latex.  6.74"

7   CASHMERE  Cashmere-Wool layer 6.74"

8   FABRIC  100% Natural Viscose fabric.

Euro Lux living Symbiosis Topper the Sleep Shop Reno.png


The "Symbiosis Topper" is composed of 8 Layers

It's the ideal hand-made complement to guarantee sleep, making it more pleasant, cozy and soft. The topper is completely hand stitched and will provide higher adaptability to Our body, decreasing the pressure point.

1    FABRIC   100% Natural Viscose fabric.

2   NATURAL FIBERS   Natural fibers made of Cotton and Silk 

3   HONEYCOMBED LATEX Layer of Natural honeycombed Latex 

4   POCKETED COIL SYSTEMLayer of Pocketed Coil System encased                    individual in textile or cloth sacks.

5   CASHMERE   Cashmere-Wool layer

Other mattresses in this price range are typically 4 layers of petrochemical-based foam (including memory foam, "transition" foam and dense base foam) with polyester covers. These foams are known to off~gas and have an unpleasant odor. Even when the odor is no longer discernible, off~gassing continues for the life of the product, and actually intensifies as foams break down and emit even more toxins. Petrochemical foams are cheaper to manufacture, and with "proprietary" components, any toxicity is concealed from the buying public.  If you invest in an Heritage quality mattress, go with organic and trusted natural products.  Investing in your health has true benefit!  the Sleep Diva

mattress store reno certified oeko.gif

18" Height With Topper
12.5" Height Without Topper

Prive mattress handmade in Spain
the Sleep Shop Mattresses.jpg
the Sleep Shop Reno Airflex Mattress.png

Check out our introductory pricing now!

Rest is Essential to a Life Well Lived

the Sleep Shop - Reno Airflex Mattress.jpg

Every component featured in an Airflex is truly essential.

There is no waste, there are no unnecessary frills, no overabundance.

Just simplicity, practicality and beauty in harmony.

It all started in San Francisco…

Originally developed by

Edward McRoskey,

Airflex mattresses were created to combine optimal back and body alignment with breathable materials to help you sleep cooler.

Mirrored Mattresses...  the same on both sides.. Flip and Rotate for Longevity

Available in Gentle or Firm Comfort

10% off Introductory Pricing NOW!!

Quality Components

the Sleep Shop Reno Airflex mattress.jpeg

Handmade by Artisans

Modern Materials

the Sleep Shop - Reno Airflex Mattress.jpg
the Sleep  Shop Reno Airflex mattress.jpeg

Available Special Order Split Cal King

Quality craftsmanship, long-lasting comfort and a timeless design all united in harmony. A mattress as beautiful on the inside as it was on the outside. We started by focusing on our Supima cotton fabric, which we custom designed to be full of meaning. Its weave delivers a warmth and texture soothing to both the eye and hand. Staying true to original Airflex design, we then made sure that the “Self-Airing” brass air vents were strategically placed to circulate fresh air as you sleep. From there, every material, stitch, label, handle, quilting pattern, and tape edge has been uncompromisingly curated to evoke an overall natural, elemental tranquility.

Our mirrored mattress construction means both sides are carefully crafted with identical layers of support. This  “Comfort-Refreshing” double-sided design revitalizes the comfort and extends the life of your Airflex for years to come.


Stay Cool. Stay Fresh.

Sleep Better

A         8 Brass Air Vents Meticulously                      Applied by hand

B    Soft & Breathable Supima Cotton                      from California

C    Naturally Flame Resistant GOTS

                Certified Organic Wool


Fall Asleep Faster

D       5 Layers of Curated  Comfort     

E        2,706 SoftTech Fabric Encased

            Microcoils with Edge Support

F         6 Inches of Super Plush

           All-Natural Talalay Latex

the Sleep Shop reno Airflex mattress.png



Our strategically placed brass air vents circulate fresh air as you sleep. Soft, woven Supima cotton envelops the entire mattress allowing the bed to naturally breathe, while keeping you cool.

the Sleep Shop Reno Airflex mattress.png



Our unique coil designs unite with curated comfort layers to deliver the perfect combination of buoyancy and cradling support.

the Sleep Shop Reno Airflex Mattress.png



Our mirrored mattress construction means both sides are carefully crafted with identical layers of support. This double-sided design revitalizes the comfort and extends the life of your Airflex for years to come.

   7485 Longley Lane Reno, NV                     775 284 0399          

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