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Murphy Cabinet Beds

My husband, Dave, and I , along with our partner Bill Nock, are the owners/operators of the Sleep Shop, a specialty mattress store in business for 15 years. Having been residents of the Truckee Meadows for almost 30 years, we’ve seen the exciting growth, challenges and changes throughout the entire area. When we moved here, Reno was about the same size as Santa Rosa Ca (our hometown)… Reno has certainly outpaced sleepy Santa Rosa now!!!

Growing up in Sonoma County represented halcyon days of visits to the ocean, exploring wine country and occasional treks to the Sierras. A wonderful variety of locales, food, history and people were taken for granted way back then, but are so treasured now! With a lot of family in the Bay Area, we had many guests, fun-filled dinners, picnics and gatherings year round.

Dave and I try to keep that tradition going in Sparks. Because of our interest and knowledge of accommodating premium sleep, and because it’s

just the two of us at home now, we have a dedicated guest room in our small house.

It includes an inviting latex mattress, great pillows and luxurious bedding. I realize, however, not all lifestyles have room for a specific guest space. Luckily, there are alternatives to provide a soothing guest haven with limited space!

The Murphy cabinet bed was invented by…..William Lawrence Murphy! Murphy

was an Irish immigrant living in cramped space and designed this alternative for his basic apartment. Rumor has it, he became infatuated with an opera singer and wished to provide a place for her other than his bed (they later married, and I guess the Murphy cabinet was then for guests!!!) Murphy’s original concept was a popular model that folded away into a closet. Since the early 1900’s designs have changed and evolved into various styles, including the cabinet bed.

Murphy Cabinet Beds are stylish, space-saving alternatives that have become popular in many homes.

The lower profile (compared to Murphy wall beds) is less intrusive and massive as a design element.

I’ve recommended the Murphy Cabinet Bed for guest rooms, offices, studio apartments, family rooms and bonus rooms. They have been seamlessly incorporated for convenient additional sleep space! Available in different styles an

d colors to suit your decor!

An ancient, yet appealing, alternative is the Japanese Shikibuton. These are foldable 3” or 5” futon mats. Often 2 are stacked for luxurious comfort! Add a wool comforter and bespoke pillows (buckwheat pillows are often used) Minimalist yet luxurious. Fold up and store after your guests leave. Such an easy, portable solution! We have such a positive reaction when folks try the Shikibutons at the store.

Now for the piece de resistance (or guest bed, in this case!) Inviting bedding makes the difference between a mediocre sleep experience, or one that is bespoke! I’ve found that the right pillows help enhance natural sleep cycles. Our side sleeper pillows , organic cotton and kapok, appeal to side sleepers and back sleepers. Organic cotton filled with kapok and shredded latex is an adjustable product. Take fill out if the pillow is too full and help align your neck.

In addition, sheets, either crisp or soft, add a high level of appeal to your guest’s sleep experience. Organic cotton gets softer each time you launder it. having used organic cotton sheets for over 15 years, they come highly recommended!

Here at the Sleep Shop, we’re your source in the Truckee Meadows for sleep, sets, specialty items, pillows and sheets. We look forward to meeting you soon!


Karen Woods aka the Sleep Diva

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