CannaBeds Melody 10" mattress has a Medium Firm comfort level.

About HEMP...

Hemp is known as a Miracle fibre, it naturally regulates temperature, it's up to 3 times stronger and softer than cotton, it is resistant to Dust Mites,bed bugs, humidity and mold plus it provides the ultimate comfort.Hemp is also a hypoallergenic fiber and it has natural Anti-Bacterial properties to reduce and fight bacteria, it is gentler on the your skin and actually gets softer with age and use.

Plant-based Memory Foam gently cradles and forms to your body.

The Bio-based base foam creates a support layer for longevity.

We recommend a minimum 10" mattress for adults.


Return & Order Policy

Cannabeds does not offer refunds/returns on our products as they are personal use items like underwear and bathing suits. We offer a wide range of comforts and feels so you can pick the comfort that suits you best.

CannaBeds Melody 10" Mattress

$999.00 Regular Price
$699.00Sale Price
10" Melody by CannaBeds
  • We recommend a mattress protector to avoid any stains or soil on your mattress.  This protects the mattress AND your warranty.

    Vacuum your mattress twice a year to keep dust and skin cells from breaking down foam and fiber.

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