Current Sales  15% to 25% off thru 1/15/2020


Churchill & Smith  20% off

Copper Comfort

20% off

Finn 25% off

Plush or Firm


20% off

20% off

Churchill & Smith  20% off

Our current sale includes:

CannaBeds ~ HEMP (the miracle fiber) Cover ~ Plant-based Memory Foam

Savvy Rest...   Organic at it's best

More organics from Churchill & Smith!  Our Nostalgia line available in Plush or Firm.  Flip to the other side for Extra Firm

Also, from C&S... The Hybrid Natural with natural rubber latex and a pocketed coil

Copper Comfort... made in Phoenix AZ.  Plant-based Memory Foam with Copper and Graphite. 

A very Plush feel for memory foam!

The Finn... Plant-Based Memory Foam with a TitanCool Cover.  Choose Plush or Firm and feel the chill!

The PLANK...  Plant-based foam... medium on 1 side.... flip to an extra firm!

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