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Time to get the best rest you can! 

Choosing a new sleep system made without toxic chemicals and made with plant-based materials can help align your spine while you are embraced  by comfort. Sleep plays a critical role in boosting your immune system, increasing metabolism, plus improving memory, learning and other vital functions. Sleep can also beautify by slowing down the aging process!

Our unique product lines are a refreshing (literally) change from what's available in traditional mattress stores.

Lastly, price! We offer the same prices here at our store as you would receive direct from the manufacturer online.

If they are offering a sale, you can also receive the same price from our store as well. 

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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15th Anniversary!

We are grateful for the wonderful support

from our Truckee Meadows family!

*Buy 2 Pillows and  get a

free Queen size Canadian Down pillow!

* 1 offer per family purchase ...  while supplies last

Our Carefully Selected Brands

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Rose says

"Additional 5% off for Check or $$"

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Time to Align Your Spine

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back sleeper                                     side sleeper                                       tummy sleeper
back sleeper                                     side sleeper                                       tummy sleeper
back sleeper                                     side sleeper                                       tummy sleeper

Well Designed


Here at the Sleep Shop, our locally owned and operated mattress store, we have select sleep surfaces that are known to enhance natural sleep cycles.  Products include natural components such as Natural Rubber Latex, Wool, Organic Cotton, Hemp, Plant-based foam and non-toxic flame retardant that can contribute

to an overall more healthful sleep.

When you see a mattress on this site, rest assured that you can try it in our store... try it then buy it!!

Breathe easily!
Thank you,
Karen Woods and Bill Nock

Natural Rubber Latex Mattress
CannaBed Mattress Plant-based Memory Foam Mattress  Hemp Cover
sleep on an adjustable base
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Built to Last

Tired of replacing your mattress every 3-7 years? The integrity of the carefully crafted mattresses below are designed with the key to longevity in every element! No planned obsolescence here!!!

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