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    Snooze from the Truckee Meadows                                                                                                                                      Nighty Night Tucky Tuck

By adding a topper to a too firm mattress, you can create a whole new level of comfort!

Toppers are designed to provide added luxury to a too firm mattress. 

If your mattress is worn out a topper will not, however, make your mattress feel like new or last longer.

The Snooze News

Harvest Green Organic Topper
organic cotton, wool. latex for clean soft comfort
latex topper.jpg

Choose from:

1 or 2" wool with organic cotton cover

3 " wool~organic cotton cover ~ 1" latex

Churchill & Smith Nostalgia latex/Wool

Harvest Green Latex/Wool or Vegan Topper

Savvy Rest Vitality Topper ~ Latex

Symbiosis Topper

The Sleep Shop Reno mattress.jpeg
the Sleep Shop Mattresses Reno_edited.jpg

Best Seller

Nostalgia fabric the Sleep Shop.jpg
Nostalgia and wool the Sleep Shop Reno.jpg


The "Symbiosis Topper" is composed of 8 Layers

1    FABRIC   100% Natural Viscose fabric.

2   NATURAL FIBERS   Natural fibers made of Cotton and Silk 

3   HONEYCOMBED LATEX Layer of Natural honeycombed Latex 

4   POCKETED COIL SYSTEMLayer of Pocketed Coil System encased                    individual in textile or cloth sacks.

5   CASHMERE   Cashmere-Wool layer

Prive the luxury mattress handmade in Spain  Enjoy the benefits of natural fibers and latex
wool mattress topper the Sleep Shop Reno.jpg

Wool/Cotton Comforter

wool topper.jpg

My Merino wool comforter

duvet cover.jpg
organic merino wool comforter
warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer
wool topper.jpg
white duvet cover.jpg
The Sleep Shop Reno mattress.jpeg
the Sleep Shop Mattresses Reno_edited.jpg

organic cotton duvet  white or natural

natural duvet cover.jpg

   7485 Longley Lane Reno, NV                     775 284 0399          

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