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    Snooze from the Truckee Meadows                                                                                                                                      Nighty Night Tucky Tuck

The Snooze News

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Time to get the best rest that you deserve!

Sleep plays a critical role in boosting your immune system, increasing metabolism plus improving memory and learning. 

 Sleep can also beautify by slowing down the aging process.

Unique product lines found here at the Sleep Shop are a refreshing change from traditional mattress stores.    


Is your obsession with sleep leaving you less rested?

Fearing the loss of sleep is known to create anxiety. Because of "proper" sleep metrics, or lack thereof, the results can be  exhaustion, irritability and a chronically overtired brain. Because of the prevalence of this obsessive seeking relief from insomnia, doctors have even coined a phrase...orthosomnia. The worry about getting renewing sleep is in itself depriving us of said respite. 

Instead of trying multiple trendy "sleep tracking data devices" with various electronic solutions, simplify with:

   ) Consistent bedtime and regular wake up time daily.

   ) Turn off phone and all electronics 1 hour before bedtime.

   ) Ban TV and media from the bedroom.

   ) Avoid blue light.

   ) No heavy meals and/or alcohol just before bedtime.

   ) Comfortable and clean sleep surfaces and bedding

   ) Less clutter in bedrooms for less distraction

Try not to make the quality of your daily life all about the "tracker" results.

Sleep is, after all, a non negotiable biologic necessity.

The promise of a delicious, relaxing, no-pressure night of sleep is attainable for so many of us, if we get back to common sense basics.

It's more fun if you join in the pillow fight !!

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Our Carefully Selected Brands

More good Snooze News for the Truckee Meadows and on up the hill!

Due to the high altitude, temperature extremes and dry atmosphere, the reviled DUST MITE is absent from our area! Do vacuum your mattress a few times a year to remove skin cells, but battling dust mites can be off of your list!!!

Here at the Sleep Shop, our locally owned and operated mattress store, we have select sleep surfaces that are known to enhance natural sleep cycles.  Products include natural components such as Natural Rubber Latex, Wool, Organic Cotton, Hemp, Plant-based foam and non-toxic flame retardant that can contribute

to an overall more healthful sleep.

When you see a mattress on this site, rest assured that you can try it in our store... try it then buy it!!

Breathe easily!
Thank you,
Karen Woods and Bill Nock

Time to Align Your Spine

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Well Designed

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Financing on approved credit

Choose your way to pay

But  remember, Buster and Sully say 5% off for check or cash!

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back sleeper                            side sleeper                               tummy sleeper

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This Just In!!

Check this out!

The Importance of Sleep

Sleep is a critical component of your daily routine ~ where you spend about one-third of your time (if you're lucky!)

Quality sleep, and getting enough of it at the appropriate times is as essential to survival as food and water.  The most recent research shows that a person can live for 7 or more days without food, but one can't survive without sleeping. The more you go without sleep the more your body cells become exhausted and can't support life!

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Buster & Sully say

"Additional 5% off

for Check or $$"

back sleeper                              side sleeper                               tummy sleeper
back sleeper                            side sleeper                               tummy sleeper

"If you love someone, let them sleep."

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7485 Longley Lane, Reno               775 284 0399   



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