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The Importance of Sleep

Sleep is a critical component of your daily routine ~ where you spend about one-third of your time (if you're lucky!)

Quality sleep, and getting enough of it at the appropriate times is as essential to survival as food and water.  The most recent research shows that a person can live for 7 or more days without food, but one can't survive without sleeping. The more you go without sleep the more your body cells become exhausted and can't support life!

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Buster & Sully say

"Additional 5% off

for Check or $$"

Ancient pillow the Sleep Shop reno.jpg

Stone Pillow ~Ancient China

Headrest_Egypt the Sleep Shop Reno.jpg

Wooden Pillow ~ China

Ancient Pillows.  Stone or Wood? Yikes!!

Pillows were solid and hard until the Greeks started sleepng on elaborate embroidered pillows. Luckily, now we offer kapok, latex, tencel, wool w/ buckwheat

and plant-based memory foam pillows!!

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Time to get the best rest that you deserve!

Sleep plays a critical role in boosting your immune system, increasing metabolism plus improving memory and learning. 

 Sleep can also beautify by slowing down the aging process.

Unique product lines found here at the Sleep Shop are a refreshing change from traditional mattress stores.    


By the time comfy tufted mattresses were produced, mankind had slept on a myriad of components.  These included piled leaves, grass or straw and animal hides. Goatskins filled with water were used in ancient Persia.  And while pharaohs enjoyed raised pallets, common folk made due with palm boughs.

the Sleep Shop reno.jpg

It's more fun if you join in the pillow fight !!

Our Carefully Selected Brands

Here at the Sleep Shop, our locally owned and operated mattress store, we have select sleep surfaces that are known to enhance natural sleep cycles.  Products include natural components such as Natural Rubber Latex, Wool, Organic Cotton, Hemp, Plant-based foam and non-toxic flame retardant that can contribute

to an overall more healthful sleep.

When you see a mattress on this site, rest assured that you can try it in our store... try it then buy it!!

Breathe easily!
Thank you,
Karen Woods and Bill Nock

Time to Align Your Spine

mattress firmness alignment the Sleep Shop Reno.jpeg
back sleeper                           side sleeper                                tummy sleeper
back sleeper                              side sleeper                               tummy sleeper
back sleeper                            side sleeper                               tummy sleeper

Well Designed

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Financing on approved credit

Choose your way to pay

But  remember, Buster and Sully say 5% off for check or cash!

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the Sleep Diva

CannaBed Mattress Plant-based Memory Foam Mattress  Hemp Cover

"If you love someone, let them sleep."



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