Buckwheat Wool Pillow

Our Organic Buckwheat Pillows offer complete support for your head and neck, relieving muscle tension and stiffness. Our Organic Buckwheat and GOTS Organic Wool has it's own side pocket so you can adjust the amount of buckwheat or wool for your personal comfort.

side sleeper kapok pillow

Side Sleeper Kapok Pillow Remove fill from the zippered cover if it's too full or firm


A natural pillow that is fully customizable to your sleep style, issues and aches and pains is the solution for you. Each V&R Naturals pillow allows you to change the loft, feel and comfort level you desire.

organic pillow

This fabulous pillow utilizes both Natural Kapok silk and Natural Latex to create a unique feel that is comfortable and supportive. Naturally this happens to be what most people prefer as it combines the best of both products.


ERGONOMIC RELIEF Stiff necks and unsatisfactory sleep can be a thing of the past. This pillow was engineered with an ergonomic design and deeply cushioning memory foam to create the ideal support system for your head and neck.

wool pillows

Organic Cotton Cover Wool inside this is a fairly high loft pillow with a dense feel

contour pillow

Contour Pillow Natural Rubber Latex Organic Cotton Cover ~ Medium

ventilated pillow

Ventilated Memory Foam The ventilated foam in this pillow helps keep you cooler. A great plush memory foam feel

Savvy Rest Soap Shaped Pillow

Soap Shape Latex Pillow with a medium feel. Low loft

horseshoe pillow

Horseshoe Pillow Shape to cuddle you to sleep!

low loft latex

NATURALLY SUPPORTIVE SLEEP Talalay latex has been called “Earth’s most perfect sleep material.” It’s naturally hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly material creates an airy, conforming pillow that lifts away the pressures of the day while you sleep.

Best Rest USA Green Planet Pillow

The Green Planet Pillow Has Been Developed With the Most Scientifically Advanced Technology and Superior, Innovative Materials Green Planet Pillow is composed of a revolutionary combination of natural oils and natural and renewable elements, and it contains zero harmful contaminants and toxins.

The appropriate pillow enhances your optimum sleep experience.

Test your pillow at our store to determine what creates the best spinal alignment to ensure a good night's sleep.

Our best-selling pillow is the side sleeper. 

Appropriate for back or side sleepers and, since you can remove some fill, it even works for stomach sleepers!

It is filled with kapok (a renewable fiber) and shredded latex.

Some of the other pillows are filled with natural rubber latex and ventilated memory foam.  Many people are known to enjoy the addition of a luxurious, new pillow to their mattress purchase.