Organic Pillow
latex pillow

Traditional Shape


Side Sleeper

An adjustable pillow

Unzip the cover to add or remove fill!

Talalay Latex

A soft surface to cradle you

buskwheat pillow.jpg

Buckwheat and Wool

Side Sleeper

Another Side Sleeper!

Adjustable with a Firm feel.

horshoe pillow.jpg

Horseshoe Shape 

ventilated memory foam pillow.jpeg

Ventilated Memory Foam 

Plush memory foam!

contour pillow.jpg
low loft latex.jpeg

Low Loft Talalay Latex

Latex Contour

memory foam pillow.png

Green Planet Memory Foam

The appropriate pillow enhances your optimum sleep experience.

Test your pillow at our store to determine what creates the best spinal alignment and ensure a great sleep.

Our best-selling pillow is the side sleeper. 

Appropriate for back or side sleepers and, since you can remove some fill, it even works for stomach sleepers!

It is filled with kapok (a renewable fiber) and shredded latex.

Some of the other pillows are filled with natural rubber latex and ventilated memory foam. 

Many people are known to enjoy the addition of a luxurious, new pillow to their mattress purchase.