From Magniflex

Plant-based Memory  Foam Water-expanded from Italy

the Leonardo, Maestro and Dual Cotton Grande are all Dual Core for your own choice of comfort!

Quality beyond compare



Hemp Cover

Plant-based memory Foam


Finn    Plush or Firm

Titan Cool Cover/TitanFlex Foam/ Ascension X Pocketed Coils


Flippable mattress.... Firm on one side... Flip to Medium firm!

The MAXX sleep surface starts with ultra-high density firm foam or mediium natural rubber latex. Atop this base rests a soft-touch top layer of 4-way stretch polyester rayon blend with an underlayment of 100% Joma wool - the natural choice for thermoregulation and moisture control.  This unique quad-layer construction provides a highly durable sleep surface with just the right amount of give and spring-back response - with none of that sinking feeling. 

P  Muirfield

Ultra Plush or Firm 

Plant-based Memory Foam ~ Foam encased core

Latex for zoned center support

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