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CannaBeds story

Hemp is known as a Miracle fibre ... it naturally regulates temperature, it's up to 3 times stronger and softer than cotton, it is resistant to Dust Mites,bed bugs, humidity and mould plus it provides the ultimate comfort.

Hemp is also a hypoallergenic fibre and it has natural Anti-Bacterial properties to reduce and fight bacteria, it is gentler on the your skin and actually gets softer with age and use. The oldest fabric ever found was in an Egyptian tomb dated to approx 8,000 years old and guess what, it was hemp fibre.

Hemp is naturally resistant to insects and disease, therefore  there is no need for the use environmentally damaging and unhealthy pesticides or herbicides during the growing process.

Hemp can be planted and matured in approx. 11 weeks with little water needed.

Cotton on the other hand takes several times longer to grow, it uses lots of chemical pesticides and herbicides and consumes almost half of all the water used in the entire farming industry to produce it.

Hemp fibre can be use in rope, clothing, canvas and of course the textile industry.

we hope you enjoy your new CannaBeds mattress.

Special Order

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Plant-based Memory Foam with the HEMP Cover   

from  $1099 to 1599    Everyday Low Internet Price

The Sleep Shop Reno mattress_edited.png

EveryDay Low Internet Sale Price... free drop ship in the contiguous US

Latex/Memory Foam Hybrid

Super Heavy Weight Circular Knit Panel Ticking

1” High-density Quilt Foam with Cooling Gel

1.5” Natural Talalay Latex in Medium Natural Chemical Free Fire Barrier1”

High-Density Cool Copper Infused Pneumatic Memory Foam

1” Super High-Density Medium Soft Support Foam

8” High Profile 852 Ascension X Encased Coils with Steel Edge

1.5” Shock Absorbing High-density Base Foam


Luxury Firm

14" Luxury Firm Chalet by 40 Winks

mattress prices:

Twin   575    TXL 649   Full   812

Queen   887   King/CalKing   1141

Everyday Low Price!!

A budget-friendly latex choice!

Halcyon Essentials.jpg
Halcyon Essential the Sleep Shop Reno.jpg

a long, long time ago....   The "Closed Bed"

 Essentials Memory Foam Mattresses

Available in  6" Basic ~ 8" Basic ~10" Medium Firm 

12" Medium ~ 14" Medium Plush

Plant-based Memory Foam/Soy Foundation Foam 

Basic, competitively priced and inviting!

Everyday Low Prices on our special purchase memory foam basics....

basic pricing with beyond basic comfort and value

6" from $272   ...   8" from   307   ...   10"   from   351   ...   12"   from   403   ...   14" from   482

free shipping in the contiguous US 

Le Lit Clos Bed Box the Sleep shop Reno.jpg

The box bed, or “lit clos” (French,)  was enclosed in wood and raised with a mattress and bedding.  Curtains or a door closure assured privacy and warmth, both much needed in homes with multiple family members and a definite lack of heat.

  Modern Cabinet Beds have replaced the Box Bed model.

Lux by Naturalia the Sleep Shop Reno.jpg

Heritage Quality Extra Firm!!

Our Luxury Visco-Soy based memory foam is the only “body-contouring” memory foam mattress made with natural, earth-friendly, “breathable” materials that can thermo-regulate and optimize temperature.
Their advanced design and technology provide the best possible support for your body, resulting in a longer and more restful sleep.

The Sleep Shop Reno mattress.jpeg

$2499 ~ $6499

Lux by Naturalia the Sleep Shop Reno.jpg

European quality ~

50% plant-based foam....

Totally Oeko tex Certified


Cooling 4-way Stretch cover

Copper-infused Memory Foam

Pneumatic "Serene" Foam


Convoluted Support Foam

8"~ 10" ~ 12" ~ 14" height

The Sleep Shop Reno mattress.jpeg

     mattress prices    8" 463 to 675 | 10"  521 to 998                         12"  567 to 1075 |  14" 653 to 1209

CertiPUR the Sleep Shop Reno.jpg
Breathe mattress the sleep shop reno.png

Reduces all viruses by 98% within four hours.

Patented copper technology self-sanitizes to reduce transmission of germs.

the Sleep Shop Reno Breathe mattress.jpeg
the Sleep Shop Reno anti-viral nano shield.jpeg

from $697 to $2049   available in split Cal King

The Sleep Shop Reno mattress.jpeg
the Sleep Shop Reno Breathe mattress .png


Our Nano-Shield fabric features an innovative finishing supplement that combines antibacterial properties with a reducing effect of viral activity. The finishing treatment includes a permanent non-migrating antimicrobial technology to eliminate different types of organisms and provide a fresh and pure sleep surface. It’s a sustainable, non-bio accumulating metal containing, non-leaching recyclable technology which is also Oeoko-Tex compliant. 


Elate is a quick recovery memory foam that features thousands of gel beads infused with graphite, silver and copper.  Together this blend provides cooling, antimicrobial and moisture wicking properties to further support a healthier and comfortable night sleep.

Gel Comfort Memory Foam is engineered to improve airflow and release trapped heat while providing extra pressure relief keeping you comfortable throughout the night.


The innermost of the mattress is designed to provide comfort, unyielding support and durability to ensure you have a great night’s sleep.

Strategically placed comfort foam layers provide the strength and durability of the mattress support system. These foams are nestled above 726 Individually encased coils to provide motion separation between you and your partner for a more restful night’s sleep. The coil unit also features a dual-gauge design with firmer coils in the center to allow for added support in the lumbar area.

Virus & bacterial reduction mattress in a comfortable Memory foam Hybrid

It seems as if EVERYONE is experiencing respiratory viruses. Consider this technology to help control the spread of virus...

Air BnB's, Bed and Breakfasts, Hotels and individuals can rest assured with this additional anti-viral option

Giggle mugs the Sleep shop reno.jpg

It's easy to get the "giggle mugs"* shopping at the Sleep Shop

* giggle mug = habitually smiling face

7485 Longley Lane Ste E, Reno                      775 283 -0399              

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