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Snooze from the Truckee Meadows                                                                                                                                               Nighty Night, Tucky Tuck

Memory Foam Mattress Tempurpedic Near Me

Midtown Essentials Memory Foam Mattresses

Available in  6" Basic ~ 8" Basic ~10" Medium Firm 

12" Medium ~ 14" Medium Plush

Plant-based Memory Foam/Soy Foundation Foam 

Basic, competitively priced and inviting   

                     Twin    Twin XLong     Full      Queen      King     CalKing

           6"     274           349           449        524           699        699

           8"     374           424           499        599           799        799

          10"    449           499           574         699           899       899

          12"    524           574           649         799          999        999

          14"    599           649           749         899         1149      1149

Latex/Memory Foam Hybrid

Super Heavy Weight Circular Knit Panel Ticking

1” High-density Quilt Foam with Cooling Gel

1.5” Natural Talalay Latex in Medium Natural Chemical Free Fire Barrier1”

High-Density Cool Copper Infused Pneumatic Memory Foam

1” Super High-Density Medium Soft Support Foam

8” High Profile 852 Ascension X Encased Coils with Steel Edge

1.5” Shock Absorbing High-density Base Foam

Memory Foam Hybrid Near Me

Luxury Firm

14" Luxury Firm Chalet by 50 Winks

mattress prices:

Twin   1399    TXL  1549   Full  1949

Queen   2199   King/CalKing   2799

The Sleep Shop . Only the best [ass the test
Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress Near Me


8"~ 10" ~ 12" ~ 14" height

from 1229 ~ 2099 


Now Only 

650 ~ 1378

The Sleep Shop Reno   Only the best pass the test
Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress Near Me
CertiPUR mattress certification the Sleep Shop
The Sleep Shop mattress   only the best pass the testd

CannaBeds story

Hemp is known as a Miracle fibre ... it naturally regulates temperature, it's up to 3 times stronger and softer than cotton, it is resistant to Dust Mites,bed bugs, humidity and mould plus it provides the ultimate comfort.

Hemp is also a hypoallergenic fibre and it has natural Anti-Bacterial properties to reduce and fight bacteria, it is gentler on the your skin and actually gets softer with age and use. The oldest fabric ever found was in an Egyptian tomb dated to approx 8,000 years old and guess what, it was hemp fibre.

Hemp is naturally resistant to insects and disease, therefore  there is no need for the use environmentally damaging and unhealthy pesticides or herbicides during the growing process.

Hemp can be planted and matured in approx. 11 weeks with little water needed.

Cotton on the other hand takes several times longer to grow, it uses lots of chemical pesticides and herbicides and consumes almost half of all the water used in the entire farming industry to produce it.

Hemp fibre can be use in rope, clothing, canvas and of course the textile industry.

we hope you enjoy your new CannaBeds mattress.

Special Order

cannabeds the sleep shop



Plant-based Memory Foam with the HEMP Cover   

The Sleep Shop mattress

 free drop ship in the contiguous US

a long, long time ago....   The "Closed Bed"

Mattress Store Near Me

The box bed, or “lit clos” (French,)  was enclosed in wood and raised with a mattress and bedding.  Curtains or a door closure assured privacy and warmth, both much needed in homes with multiple family members and a definite lack of heat.

  Modern Cabinet Beds have replaced the Box Bed model.

                      775 283 -0399              

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