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Ah, Yes... the Bugs of Summer!

Blue skies, hot weather and friendly critters... it's that time of year!

These natural solutions to unwanted guests make sense and are easily implemented.

) Lemon Balm keeps the pesky mosquitoes away. I keep a bouquet in several rooms of the house and on the porch where we watch the world go by.

) Versatile lemons studded with cloves discourages annoying flies.

) Easy to grow peppermint turns the curious spiders away.

) Ants turn tail when baking soda blocks their path!

) Persistent fruit flies end their flight in vinegar.

) The offensive cockroach resents bay leaves!

) The most feared, bed bugs, are most difficult to remove... prevent infestation with an organic zippered cover. Avoid the hassle and inconvenience and protect your mattress and foundation!

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